Who we are
Bufete Alvarenga y Mirón

Alvarenga & Miron is a growing law firm, founded July of 2001. Joining us is an efficient team of paralegals and external associate consultants specializing in different branches of legal aid, all of whom have the ideal academic and professional experience as to ensure legal success in different fields.

We provide our professional services to individuals as well as national and international companies with the same level of attention and commitment, building strong ties with our clients through personalized services, making each case as our top priority.

We’re a part of many international law alliances, amongst them AEA International Lawyers Network situated in Alicante, España www.aeuropea.com. This association is an international network of law firms which started out in the European Union and has now expanded throughout the world. We’re also a part of the international lawyer’s alliance known as Safe Internacional with representatives in 50 countries in the world; its main offices are located in Valladolid, Spain: www.safeinternacional.com ; Global Legal Network, with its main offices in Shanghai, China, in an attempt to not only build links around the world, but also to build interests with not only the second strongest economy in the world, but in all of Asia: www.fdi-law.com. Recently we’ve adhered to the international lawyers’ network located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: www.adssassistenciajuridica.com.br and the international alliance APEXLEGALS with offices in India: www.apexlegals.com lead by the prestigious law firm Apex Legals India.

Bufete Alvarenga y MirónOur purpose with these alliances if to fulfill our clients’ interests in different countries around the world, as well as take advantage of international investment opportunities for our region making an emphasis on the biggest rising markets in the world such as China, Brazil and India, as well as creating a gateway with the European Union through Spain. These alliances are made possible through correspondence, but unlike other networks or preferred law firms, our communication is held in a very personalized manner, giving each case its due attention as though it was being handled directly in our offices.

Besides the alliances mentioned previously, we also work directly with other independent law firms in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Spain. We try to ensure a standardized service to our clients, which mean providing a quality-assured and personalized attention that will guarantee true effort and resolution to their case.

AEA :: Asociación Europea de AbogadosRede Universal de Escritórios Associados